Every believer in Jesus Christ should have access to a copy of the Scriptures, and this goal is achievable in our generation. No road is too difficult and no risk is too great when our brothers and sisters are crying out for God’s Word. We offer three ways for you to support Bible distribution in hostile and restricted nations. Simply select the ministry outreach(es) you would like to support, and choose the number of Bibles you want to sponsor.

Young woman with book
We Know Them by Name

Sponsor Bibles for persecuted Christians, and VOM will send you the names of those who receive the Bibles you sponsor so that you can pray for them.

$6 each
Boy and girl reading comic book
Preparing the Next Generation

Sponsor Bibles for children living in hostile and restricted nations, helping them prepare to stand courageously for their faith.

$6 each
People working on motorcycles next to a cargo truck and boxes
Covert Operations

Sponsor Bibles for distribution in the most dangerous areas, such as North Korea, Iran and Yemen, where security requirements prevent VOM from sharing the names of Bible recipients.

$6 each
Three Bookmarks
Prayer Bookmarks

Sponsor Bibles and receive a prayer bookmark. Place it in your favorite book or Bible as a reminder to pray for those receiving the Bibles.

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